A Man & His Dog

A Man & His Dog

Posted by Susan van der Linde on 9th Feb 2017

One of the great things about being located at 34 East 67th Street is that our neighbors often come in with great ideas! Youth and energy fuel great creativity... but experience and an eye developed by the proximity to beautiful art and fashion over a lifetime make for results with a special refinement. 

Bryan and his four-legged buddy Zip stopped in one day just to look around.  Bryan had a hat that lacked the perfect accents.  He had a feather he wanted to incorporate, but it needed a special band.  

While Bryan & Zip went for a walk in the park, I went into the fabric archives downstairs in the workshop and the perfect compliment materialized. A colorful piece of Mikado silk featuring a sublime Japanse print. I draped the fabric and secured it with invisible couture stitching to form a band.

Bryan brought in his feather and his hat and the result is better explained by the pictures than by words.

Thanks, Bryan!