Fetch - Royal Toppers

Fetch - Royal Toppers

23rd Mar 2011

Had fun speaking with fetch magazine about event hats for the races, luncheons and weddings!


Royal Toppers

In her Manhattan studio, Susan van der Linde makes brilliant couture hats with materials culled from all over the world. Here, she talks about the Royal Wedding, Americans' aversion to hats, and the lively fashion sense of Kate Middleton.

In England, hats are de riguer at weddings, royal and otherwise, as well as at Ascot, summer garden parties, teas, you name it. Why do you think Americans are seemingly so resistant to putting something fabulous on their heads?

I don't think American women are resistant so much as they are unsure. Despite the past few years revival in casual headwear, hats are still unknown territory for most people. The great news for us is that we find that many people who don't wear hats are actually quite interested to dip their toe in the water and try one. Once they can envision the context for a hat in their life, they get excited...   read more