The 'Friends' Episode Featuring an SvdL Hat

The 'Friends' Episode Featuring an SvdL Hat

Posted by Susan van der Linde on 5th May 2016

With the flurry of hat activity this week for the Central Park Conservancy luncheon and the Kentucky Derby we started talking about iconic hats.

It reminded me of an SvdL big hat story from the late 90's.  When 'Friends' was in all of its glory, we got a call from a producer for the show saying they were looking for a large brimmed hat to be worn by one of the characters during an episode.

Susan van der Linde Hat                                                                                        

It turned out the character was Rachel and the hat I made became a focal point of the episode!    It was a fun moment in time with all of the friends having an opinion about Rachel's hat.  Many things have changed since then, but like Rachel, whether you are in town, at your country home or on the beach your friends will likely have opinions about your hat as well. Those of you who wear hats and fascinators know how much fun it is and the great conversations that start over your head wear.  

Never underestimate the power of a hat!.

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