SvdL Heirloom products are very special... they are valued for their unique signature and the way they renew precious memories using materials from favorite fashion items that have been put away or forgotten by you or a family member.  


These items can include a cap, hat, scarf, vest, jacket, dress, pillow, throw, handbag, shoe or whatever else might have a special meaning for you or your intended gift recipient.

SvdL Heirloom items make precious, memorable gifts that will stand out to your friend or loved one!


If you haven't already read our blog article (SvdL Blog: Precious Heirloomtake a look to see some of the SvdL Heirloom items we've made for other clients.

If you have an idea for yourself or a gift for a friend or loved one, tell us about it below.  We don't need a lot of detail... just start the conversation below by telling us about your heirloom materials and any ideas about what kind of an item you would like us to design.